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20 September – 29 September

Uzbekistan: A Silk Road Adventure

Retrace the footsteps of ancient kings, discover a melting pot of culture and trade at this Silk Road hub: Uzbekistan.
This September, embark on an adventure through Uzbekistan, a land of culture, trade, spices and conquerors.

With a small group of adventurous travellers, explore ornate mosques, madrasahs and palaces, stroll through bazaars, retrace the footsteps of rulers like Alexander the Great & Timur, and immerse yourself in the Uzbek way of life, drinking tea with the locals.  Trust us, time spent in Uzbekistan will never be long enough!

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Khiva | UNESCO World Heritage Site

Step into a time warp as you explore the old part of Khiva - a unique, walled fortress so well-preserved it does make you feel like you’ve entered a different era.

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Welcome to Uzbekistan

Touchdown Tashkent ! 

Your journey starts at Uzbekistan’s capital city, where you’ll be greeted in a traditional manner by Uzbek models, with flowers at the airport. 

To cater to the long flight and jet lag, check-in and relax in your hotel room.

In the evening: a welcome dinner. Get to know your fellow crew members and trip leader and end your first day here on a festive note!

   Meals:   Dinner

  Hotel:  Miran International (Or similar)

Palaces, Minarets & Woolen Carpets

Today, start early from Tashkent and head to Kokand, once an important Khanate of the Mongol empire. The places that we may see include (Note: Entry into these sights are optional and will be at an additional cost) : 

Khudoyorkhan Palace, built for the Kokand Khanate’s last ruler. Legend has it that roughly half of the palace was once taken up by the harem quarters, housing the Khan’s 43 concubines. With an impressively tiled exterior that looks as good as new, you can’t help but wonder if the palace was indeed built 150 years ago. 

Then, we’ll see the Jami Mosque (now a museum housing artwork) housing a towering central minaret (22 metres)  and the Narbutabey Madrassa, that continued to function during the Soviet era. Don’t forget to check out the mausoleums in the neighbouring necropolis, the final resting place of Kokands prominent Khans and rulers.

In the afternoon: drive to Oqyer village, known for manufacturing some of the finest carpets in the country. Here, get to see a traditional Kyrgyz family at work,  manufacturing woolen carpets. There’s a local saying that goes, “Home begins where the carpet is spread”. In some villages, you may even see the entire community working towards making a single carpet. 

Later: drive to Fergana city, where we’ll spend the evening  relaxing at a local park. Then, check into your hotel and unwind.

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Asia Fergana (or similar)

Fergana 101 + Pottery Workshop + Train to Tashkent

After breakfast, explore Fergana, the birthplace of Emperor Babur and a hub for silk production in Central Asia. This is where you’ll get a firsthand glimpse of the Silk Road in action! 
First: the Said Akhmad Khodja Madrassah (inside, class rooms are now replaced with small shops of ceramic works, silk carpets, woolen scarves and handmade antique souvenirs). You’ll even find a water channel flowing through the interior. 

Next: the Yodgorlik Silk Factory. Learn about traditional methods of silk production from steaming and unravelling the cocoons to the tie-dyeing and weaving of the dazzling khanatlas (hand-woven silk) fabrics. Later: time for some shopping at Kumtepa Bazaar, the largest market in Fergana Valley! 

Then, drive to Rishtan to the house of a well-known ceramic master Rustam Usmanov, whose works are displayed at world exhibitions. Enjoy a pottery workshop and have a look at ceramic collection in a small museum.

Then: it’s time to head back to Tashkent! Head to the train station and take a train to the capital city. Upon arrival, check into your hotel.

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Miran International Hotel (or similar)

Flight to Urgench + Itchan Kalan (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

This morning, catch a flight to Urgench, a Soviet-styled city in western Uzbekistan. Explore the city with a guide. You’ll find cotton decorative artwork adorning many objects here, including streetlamps and apartments. You’ll also see a statue of Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, the 9th century local mathematician who revolutionised algebra. 

Afterwards: drive to Khiva. This iconic city that was once a vital Silk Road stop, where camels, carpets, coffee and trade formed its very foundations. 

Then, enter a time warp as you explore the old part of the city - Itchan Kalan (UNESCO World Heritage Site). This unique, walled fortress has been preserved as it was, with over 50 historic monuments and 250 old houses, some dating back to the 18th century. It does feel like you’ve stepped into a different time in human history. The old city is known for its architectural marvels, including the Djuma Mosque, the mausoleums and the madrasas and the two magnificent palaces. 

In the evening: enjoy dinner the traditional way, along with a folklore show!

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Bek Khiva Hotel (or similar)

The Road To Bukhara

This morning, we’ll drive to Bukhara (7 hours) . With over 140 architectural monuments, ancient streets and a city centre studded with numerous mosques and madrasahs, Bukhara is a city-museum and a delight for any person who loves history. 

En-route: stop at a village and get a peek at local life, and the country’s beautiful landscapes. We’ll enjoy views of the Amu Darya River (the major river in Central Asia) and the vast deserts.

Lunch: will be at a local cafe, where we’ll eat a packed lunch. 

In the afternoon: after a long journey, we arrive at Bukhara. Check into your hotel, unwind and call it a day. 

Later: the Nodir Devon Begi Show! Enjoy dinner while watching a traditional Uzbek fashion + music show.

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Zargaron Plaza Hotel (or similar)

Onwards To Samarkand

After breakfast at the hotel, embark on a 4 hour drive to Samarkand (280 km). Popularly known as the Crossroads of Culture, Samarkand is diverse in history and culture, having been under the influence of Greek Emperors like Alexander the Great and Mongol conquerors such as Timur.

First up: visit the Imam Ismail Al-Bukhari Memorial Complex (35 km from the city), the final resting place of one of the greatest scholars in Islam, Abu Muhammad al-Bukhari.  

Then: the Mausoleum of Saint Daniel,  claimed to be the resting place of the Biblical prophet. It’s one of the few places in Central Asia that is considered sacred by Muslims, Jews as well as Christians.

Later: the Gur-e-Amir, the final resting place of the great conqueror Timur. 

After that, head to the Registan, a public square where people once gathered to listen to royal proclamations, heralds carrying news and witness public executions during the reign of the Timurid Dynasty.

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Hotel Registan Plaza (or similar)

Samarkand 101

This morning, continue exploring the city of Samarkand after breakfast. 

We’ll start at the Bibi-Khanym mosque. Built by Timur using the wealth that he had amassed through his conquests in India, this was one of the grandest mosques during the 15th century (entry will be at an additional cost).

Then, vist the Shah-i-Zinda Necropolis that houses arches and columns of intricate designs. It’s believed to be the final resting place of Kusam ibn Abbas, a cousin of the prophet Muhammad. 

Later: shopping time! Breathe in the aroma of spices and observe merchants go about their trade at the famous Siyob Bazaar. Here, you’ll get Samarkand’s most popular wares, from souvenirs to the famous "Samarkand naan".

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Hotel Registan Plaza (or similar)

Train To Tashkent

After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to the Samarkand station to catch a high speed bullet train to Tashkent.

Upon arrival, set out to explore the history & culture of the capital city. The places that you’ll visit during this tour include: 

Mustaqillik Maydoni (Independence Square), that houses a golden Globe monument - a testament to the freedom and sovereignty of Uzbekistan. 

We’ll also visit the Amir Temur Central Square to look at the famous statue of the conqueror Timur.  Then, head to Broadway Street to experience local Uzbek culture. Here, artists showcase their talents and  skills, as they capture the attention of passers-by with their performances. 

Afterwards, you’ll have free time to shop at and explore the city.

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Miran International (Or similar)

Explore Tashkent + Farewell Dinner

Today, continue exploring Tashkent after your breakfast. 

First up : the ensemble of Hazret Imam, where you can see the oldest manuscript of Uzbekistan and famous Muslim heritage, the Quran of Caliph Uthma. 

Next: the Kukeldash Madrasah, a medieval building now turned into a college, where the basics of Islam are taught.  We’ll then head to Chorsu Bazaar, a wholesale oriental bazaar where you can bargain till 50% of any product! Time for some good shopping. 

In the evening: a farewell dinner. Celebrate your memories of Uzbekistan and your last night here with your newfound friends!

   Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Hotel:  Miran International (Or similar)

Time to head home

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After checking-out from the hotel, you’ll be transferred to the Tashkent International airport for your flight back home.

   Meals:   Breakfast,


Come spend 10 days exploring a land of beautiful minarets, dazzling monuments, bazaars, culture, spices and conquerors.

  • Expert-guided tour of Tashkent (Independence Square, Amir Temur Central Square, Broadway Street)
  • Visit the Itchan Kala Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Khiva
  • Explore Samarkand: retrace the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Timur ( Registan Square, Shah-i-Zinda Necropolis, Gur-e-Amir) 
  • High speed bullet train ride from Samarkand to Tashkent
  • Drive to Bukhara
  • Explore Ferghana, the birthplace of Babur and a major Silk Road city
  • See locals at work manufacturing traditional woolen carpets
  • Folklore show with dinner - enjoy Uzbek hospitality at its best.

Other experiences: ceramic master class, Kyrgyz family meet, folklore shows + more!

You will stay in the following accommodations or similar:

  • Tashkent: Hotel Miran International (5*)
  • Fergana: Hotel Asia Fergana (4*)
  • Samarkand: Hotel Registan Plaza (5*)
  • Bukhara: Hotel Zargaron Plaza (4*)
  • Khiva: Hotel Bek Khiva (4*)

9 Breakfasts
8 Lunches
9 Dinners

Assistance on arrivals and departures
A local English-speaking guide to accompany you on the tours of the cities
Entrance fees to the sites specified in the tours.

All airport transfers on arrival and departure in a private coach. Please note that arrival and departure transfers will be as per the suggested flight schedules. In the event that you arrive or depart at a time other than that recommended by Byond, a private transfer can be arranged at an additional cost. 
One way train ticket from Samarkand to Tashkent
All transfers for tours as per the itinerary

Not Included

 Airfare (Domestic & International)


 Travel Insurance

 Entrance fees not specified in the itinerary

 Personal expenses

 5% GST

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