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Byond Postpaid

Travel now. Pay us later.

Book any trip with Byond Travel without any immediate payment. That’s right.
You only pay after you’ve returned from your holiday!

Byond Postpaid removes all cost-barriers for travellers. Choose from 10K+ expert-led tours in 50+ countries, and book your trip. Pay only after you return with 0% interest.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Byond Postpaid

It's quick and easy to apply

Only takes 2 minutes to apply! Receive a decision on Byond Postpaid within hours, and start packing!

No upfront payments

Book your Byond trip without paying anything immediately. Pay only after your trip is over. *

And there’s 0% interest

Pay in 3 easy installments over 3 months.

Byond Travel

Byond Travel is Asia’s largest discovery and booking platform for expert-led group tours in over 50 countries. We boast 10,000+ tours by verified experts that offer unique and memorable experiences. We curate expert advice and recommendations from a community of 100k+ travellers, and bring together local operators who offer these services, making the booking of experiences comparable, fast and easy.

How It Works

Step 1

Basic Documentation

Choose "Byond Postpaid" as your preferred payment option

Step 2

Get Approvals

Share with us a few documents (proof of identity and income as required by the authorities)

Step 3

Pay Back In 6 Installments

Once approved, confirm your spot and you're set!

Travel made easy

Book the trip you’ve always wanted to take with Byond. Pay nothing immediately. Go on holiday. Pay only after you return. Three easy installments with 0% interest.

Byond Postpaid


Starting at



Byond Postpaid


Starting at



Byond Postpaid


Starting at



Byond Postpaid


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Frequently Asked Questions

First join one of our upcoming departures. At the time of booking please ask our sales agent to direct you to the application form. Upload a set of required documents to easily get your interest rate.

When you are ready to book, you can apply for Byond Postpaid. Once it is approved by Finzy, and your booking is confirmed, you are all set to travel.

Yes, you can definitely go on your trip without paying anything up front. You will be expected to pay after your return in 3 easy monthly installments starting from the month after your approval date.

Yes, you can make your payments early. In fact, this will save you additional interest.

The offer will be determined using a variety of factors including but not limited to your current financials, job, trip details, credit score etc using Finzy’s proprietary algorithm.

You can see the details on the Finzy website and on the official agreement and documents that will be shared with you at the time of payment approval.

You can pay online directly through your bank account to Finzy

Yes, should you cancel your trip within the cancellation period, you will not be expected to pay any further amount and your Byond Postpaid will stand cancelled. You will only be charged the processing fee, which is non-refundable.
* Please note that upon approval of your payment plan, the first payment is to be made exactly one month later. Therefore, if you book your trip 1-2 months ahead of time, the first payment would occur before your trip start date.

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