Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read these frequently asked questions before you attempt to reach us.

Where can I see your trips?

Go to for a complete list of our trips.

How do I make a reservation?

1. Go to for a complete list of our trips.
2. Click on the trip/s you’d like to know more about.
3. Once you’ve decided on the experience you’d like, hit the ‘Enquire’ button.
4. Fill in your details in the respective fields. We value your privacy so, while your email id is a mandatory requirement, this is only for us to get in touch with you.
5. Hit the ‘Submit’ button once you’re done.
6. You’ll receive a confirmation email instantly and one of our travel experts will get in touch with you shortly after, to discuss your travel plans

How do I cancel a reservation? Is there a cancellation fee involved?

If you’ve changed your mind about a trip you’ve already registered for, all you need to do is call the representative who you’ve been in touch with. Cancellation fees are applicable and are based on the period of notice. All products have their own cancellation and refund policies, although we will always try our best to ensure we get you the maximum refund possible.

Are all your trips customisable?

Barring the group treks and trips, which require a minimum number of bookings in order to go forwards, all our trips are 100% customisable.

How can I customise a reservation?

Once you’ve submitted an enquiry and our travel designers are in touch with you, you can talk/write to them directly about any customisation you’d like to discuss. Based on availability, season, and your areas if interest, our designers will guide you with the customisation.

Are the prices based on individual rates or twin shares?

Since our trips are 100% customisable, once you’ve enquired about a trip, the price will be based on the number of people you’re travelling with. We’re big fans of solo travel at Byond, and even if a trip is calculated on a twin-share basis, we’ll help you figure out how to travel alone. This is barring specific trips and treks that require group bookings, in which cases, the exception will be mentioned in the product.

What’s included in the price?

Each trip indicates what is and isn’t included in that specific experience. Some experiences will include all meals, because of the hotel you have a booking with and some other, like treks, cycling trips and motorcycling adventures, may involve food-on-the-go, for a more fulfilling experience. Similarly, transfers are included in cases where you will be travelling in a car, but may not be included in certain kinds of experiences that are more rugged or off the beaten path. All sightseeing and ‘Alone Time’ expenses are extra.

What documents do I need to carry with me on my trip?

Requirement of visas whilst travelling depends on your nationality. You are responsible entirely, for obtaining all the documents that you’re required to produce during your vacation. Visas take varying periods of time – sometimes several weeks – to obtain. Do ensure that you plan an experience with us knowing that you’ll have your documentation under control. Failure to obtain visas could cause delays and cancellation that could cost you unnecessary additional expenses and inconvenience, so do plan ahead.

Are any vaccinations required?

We recommend that you consult a GP or your family doctor, to find out which vaccinations you need, if any. If you suffer from an ailment or condition that requires prescription medication, please ensure that you carry the prescription with you on your vacation along with a signed letter from your doctor declaring that you need the medication. Also carry an adequate supply of the medication, so you aren’t inconvenienced in any way, during your time away.

I’m a solo traveller. How will you work out the costs for me?

At Byond, we’re big fans of solo travellers and you’ll notice that several of our experiences are planned keeping this in mind. Although a lot of the pricing is based on Twin Shares, once you’ve enquired about a product, our experts will help you figure out solo costs.

Do all your trips include all transfers in the cost?

Transfers, accommodation, and meals are on a trip-to-trip basis, and each of our trip will specifically mention what’s included and what’s not.

For ground transfers, what vehicle/s does one get to travel in?

Each product will specify modes of travel and whether or not the costs of the same are included in the final price. Your designated travel expert will help you figure this out, once you’ve shown interest in a specific product.

Will I get time to spend on my own and away from schedules?

Yes, absolutely. Each of our products is planned in such a way that you have enough time to get out and explore on your own, or simply sit back, take in the view, read a book, or Facebook!

How do I contact Byond Travel?

Our postal address is:

Byond eTravel & Entertainment Private Limited
164, 9th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore - 560 038

If you are from the press or want to talk to us about partnerships, please email or

For any other query, help, bouquets or bricks, email us at