It’s all about long-lasting friendships and life-changing journeys

Our Travel Philosophy


Travel with friends – old and new

All our travellers are friendly, open-minded, and curious about the world, all seeking adventures in far-flung places and local experiences that are authentic and inspiring. Like you, they want to travel with great people.

Our travelers currently belong to multiple communities – from all-yoga, self-drive, women-only, mom and kids, music and dance, singles and mixed groups.

Our guests start our trips as strangers, but they all return with a new group of friends, special memories, and incredible stories. It’s why many return to travel with us over and over again, which is something our team is incredibly proud of.


Authentic, immersive travel journeys

No matter the destination, all our journeys focus on local interactions with communities, history, culture, food, wine, music and dance and are built with recommendations from local partners, experts and partner Tourism boards.

This means we will duck into Vietnamese cafes for a sip of egg coffee and hike to the top of a mountain summit to practice a surya namaskar. We’ll learn how to make pasta from an Italian grandmother in Tuscany, and lunch with locals with Bedouins.

A note of caution, we don’t do typical sightseeing-only itineraries. If you think you would enjoy traveling with us, get started by choosing one of our journeys.

Just Show Up

Just show up

We’ve partnered with Eastbound, one of the world’s leading travel management companies, to build a team with more than a 100 years of combined travel industry experience. We work with over 500 partners globally and have successfully helped more than 2000 group trips in over 50 countries. Basically, we know how to plan and execute travel really well.

Once you sign-up with Byond, we take care of everything on ground for you, from accommodation, transfers, the best local guides and curating uniquely local experiences.

Trust us when we say all you need to do is show up.


The Lime Diaries

Our travels are usually inspired by stories from other travellers like us and that’s why we organize the Lime Diaries with the goal of rediscovering the lost art of storytelling, especially when they’re wonderful or weird tales from the road (previous storytellers include Suhel Seth, Kunal Vijaykar, Mahesh Murthy and others). Join us as a storyteller here.

How We Travel

Our journeys are hand-crafted and our travelers are carefully picked keeping the wider preferences and sensibilities of our groups in mind. All our travel journeys have a few elements that remain consistent.

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