We believe that travel is about going beyond the destination

We Are On A Mission

We believe that travel is about going beyond the destination. It’s really about meaningful interactions with people, arts, music, food, culture and communities around the world. And so we’re on a mission to help the modern traveller experience more. Byond is the easiest way to find inspiration, get advice, and book the perfect trip based on your needs, interests and passions.

What We Do

Byond is a discovery and booking platform for multi-day and same-day tours, offering unique, memorable experiences in over 50 countries. We curate expert advice and recommendations from a community of like-minded travelers and experts, and bring together local operators who offer these services, making the booking of experiences comparable, fast and easy.

Meet The Team

We are a group of people with truly diverse backgrounds and specialties who love to travel. We’re also yogis, designers, jedi knights, analysts, coders, storytellers, strategists, beer addicts, photographers, salsa dancers, herbalists, writers, pork aficionados and comedians.

Why Byond

Join a community of 37k+ like-minded travellers and access insider tips for 50+ countries personalized for your needs, interests and passions

Discover unique travel experiences to suit your budgets, dates directly from local operators in 50+ countries

Easily compare options and book group or customized individual travel experiences. Choose to pay us after your travel.

Work With Us

We are a dynamic and hands-on team dedicated to leading people to their perfect trip. We're always looking for smart, creative, and driven folk to join us. If that's you, get in touch.

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