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Trips for travel-obsessed 18-39 year olds

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Trips for travel-obsessed 18-39 year olds

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  • Go on epic trips in 70+ countries
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There’s nothing better than an epic trip in an exotic destination with fun, young international travellers. Well, maybe two holidays. Or three. Or four.

Take your pick from 20,000+ young travel group tours operated by our award-winning partners. We guarantee each one is full of great company, crazy adventures, meaningful cultural experiences, and the best nights out you’ve ever had.

Trips are operated by our award-winning partners in 70+ countries

  • 20,000+ tours by verified experts
  • Full service support for your travel needs
  • Best price guarantee

20,000+ top-rated group tours for young adults at unbeatable prices. Find yours now!

All the benefits of booking a group tour with young travellers

Like-minded travellers

New friends

Save upto 30+ hours in planning

Best price guarantee

Authentic, local experiences

Safe and stress-free

Bucketlist adventures

Full service support

Save up to 50% on trip costs

Award-winning tours

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From Vietnam to Jordan, choose from 1000+ top-rated group holidays for young adults.


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Here's what our travellers say about their holiday with a group of fun, international travellers

Rachel Vanzwam
5 out of 5
My trip manager Maddy was absolutely incredible and taught me so much! Her organisation and leadership ensured a smooth trip so we could just sit back and enjoy the sights. This was my fifth Contiki tour, and I’ll definitely be back for more! It’s a fantastic way to travel because all the hard work is done for you, plus you get to visit places you’ve never even heard of or thought about visiting.
5 out of 5
"I would definitely recommend Topdeck. I had an amazing experience. I learnt a lot, tried a lot of food, and made friends. I’m quite a shy and reserved person and it was a perfect first solo trip"
Lily Rumbelow
5 out of 5
Our trip manager was amazing, made us into a family. The sites were beautiful and each activity in each city was amazing, some of the walking tours were slightly too long but still good
Alexander Fulton
4.5 out of 5
Ashley and Dan were amazing hosts. Sailing Croatia on a pirate ship was an incredible experience! Dan's suggestion to go to Odysseus' Cove was the perfect idea and it was my highlight!
Samantha Rose Imbriano
5 out of 5
I had an amazing time thanks to our trip manager Joel he was fantastic and I’d love to do another tour with him again he went above and beyond for us!
Chelsea Di Berardino
5 out of 5
I loved every minute of the trip!! I had a great group of people and a fabulous tour leader driver and chef. The tour was well run and was good value for money
George Antoniadis
5 out of 5
Croatia was a beautiful country and with this tour I saw much of the culture that exists in the country and learnt a lot about it's history and the lifestyle there.
5 out of 5
"So much fun camping with the group every night. Amazing, unique experience to see these majestic animals with your own eyes in their natural setting. Incredible scenery."
Julia Boughen
4.5 out of 5
The Sail Dubrovnik-Split was amazing! The pirate ship was definitely worth the cramped bunks. Thrown in with a great bunch of people and Ash and Dan were perfect hosts to us all. Let us do as much or as little as we wanted and the rafting was a peaceful end to a manic week!
5 out of 5
"Incredible experience! I had done a tour with another company in Europe so thought I knew what to expect but was blown away with my Topdeck tour. Better accommodation, such a great group of people and our trip leader was incredible. Saw so much stuff I would have missed without him. Highly recommended!"
Beatrice Spall
4 out of 5
Our travel talk tour was extremely well organised. We had an amazing tour guide, Mustafa who was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to meet the needs of his tour group members. The members of the tour were also very easy to get along with and made the tour that much more enjoyable. The actual tour around Turkey had a great mix of learning about the history, sight seeing and some relaxation time too. We would highly rate this tour.
Doan Ho
5 out of 5
The Essential Jordan tour was absolutely fantastic. It was well-paced with enough free time as well as a good amount of cultural sites. It never felt too rushed, so we were allowed to enjoy each landmark/site we visited. The mix of travelers in our group was great, and our guide Osama was very approachable, knowledgable, and accessible. Would book with Travel Talk again!
Lily Rumbelow
5 out of 5
Our trip manager was amazing, made us into a family. The sites were beautiful and each activity in each city was amazing, some of the walking tours were slightly too long but still good

Ultimate travel bucketlist experiences

We’ve got incredible experiences and destinations all around the globe ready for you.


Gorgeous beaches. Blue, blue waters. Loads of sunshine. Insta-spectacular in every way.


As staggeringly beautiful as it is on the Game of Thrones. Just don’t hold your breath for sightings of dragons.


Siestas, fiestas, sangria and tomato warfare at La Tomatina - good times come supersized in Spain!


'Awe'stria indeed. You’re in for a blend of world-famous art, music, and Old World charm as you visit palaces, castles and more.


Golden beaches. Lots of wine. Colourful castles. Dancing. Swimming. Ah, the good life.

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Travellers from all around the world, and from all walks of life. Different perspectives but with the same love of travel, culture, adventure and good times as you.

Definitely! Sign up for the trip solo, and you’ll come home with new friends. Our group tours for young adult travellers consist 50% of solo travellers, so you’ll be in good company.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the trips, travellers should be between 18-39 years old.

All kinds! Whether you’re looking for a getaway in exotic Greece, or a big, fun high-energy holiday in Spain, we'll match you with the right trips and the right company!

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