Our customers love travelling with us

From personal stories to quips about loving the hotels we've chosen for them to stay in to getting themselves completely immersed in the experiences we design, read about their fabulous experiences travelling with us.

Supriya Mathur, Greece, September 2016

I truly had a fantastic experience with Byond and particularly getting to know and travel with some amazing women, who've ended up becoming good friends now. I loved the fact that the group was small allowing us all the opportunity to get to know each other and all the women in our group were extremely fun loving and had an adventurous spirit; making us feel like we've known each other for ages. Having traveled with other travel groups before, it was a welcome surprise to have a flexible schedule with enough “me time”.

Gayatri Iyer, Bhutan, July 2016

I cannot stop raving about the lovely time I had traveling with Byond to Bhutan. I was initially slightly skeptical, always being a solo traveller and not knowing a single soul on the trip. All my fears were alleviated right from the start till the end. The trip went smoothly with a lot of surprises (good ones!) and fun. A very special mention to Byond’s Rashmi Joshi, who as trip leader ensured that the whole group had fun and managed numerous demands. All this she did with a lot patience, maturity and a smile. If you are looking for a travel ‘experience’ Byond the usual tourist activities then Byond Travel is for you. It will invigorate your mind, body and soul as it did for me.

Pamela Bubber, Jordan-Israel, May 2016

Travelling with Byond was my first "group" travel. I was very apprehensive, but was pleasantly surprised with my group, (aged 24 to 62), because each and everyone had their own fabulous characteristics and made this fun loving adventurous trip. Everything promised by Byond was true to word. Well planned and executed. Mr Saleh, our Jordan guide was a magician with humor who doesn't keep words like "No" and "Cannot" in his vocabulary. My main reason to go on this trip was to visit Israel, which was a very emotional journey for me and I was absolutely overjoyed . Byond had packed in the whole history of Bethlehem and Jerusalem in 2 days and I am amazed at what a great job they did.

Jaya Chawla, Vietnam & Cambodia, June 2016

I was amazed at the friendly, positive energy of this group, they made my holiday so memorable. I found that the team from Byond put in a lot of thought and detail into designing our experiences, covering the important things to see and do in both countries, but at the same time leaving enough time to do our own thing. A special mention to the local guides that worked with our group. Better guides make the history of a place more interesting.

Anuradhini Vishwanath, Vietnam & Cambodia, June 2016

Traveling with Byond was a trip of delightful first's – from the first time entering and dancing in a pub, to learning Tai Chi and even sending a postcard from a faraway land to my family. I've particularly enjoyed meeting and interacting with some lovely ladies, and my roommate in particular who was an absolute riot. We made sure we were giving the younger girls on the trip a run for their money with the amount of fun we were having together!

Aashish Maini & Shanti Sivaram, Finland, December 2015

Finland was by far the craziest place we decided to go, and Byond ensured we had a memorable white Christmas. We'd love to thank the team at Byond for firstly suggesting such an amazing destination but also ensuring every aspect of the trip was perfectly executed. We loved the Northern Lights and the glass igloo accommodation. Also the survival guide and welcome pack sent to us by the Byond team before the trip was a very nice touch.

Vani & Anusha Angur, Bali, December 2015

Traveling to Bali with Byond Travel was an unforgettable experience. We got a complete taste of what the Indonesian culture was with the package provided to us that we got to customize to our own preference! From river rafting, to painting, to cooking to endless adventures. Our entire trip was well organized and every step of the way we were taken care of. We didn't even notice for 6 days flew by!

Priyale Prasad, Jordan-Israel, May 2016

The Jordan “Gypsy Souls” experience was my first trip with Byond and I returned feeling terrific! The travel experiences were very well curated with a young and hands on team, giving you a sense of space, great places to visit, and new indulgences! The highlight for me was the amazing Wadi Mujib, a river canyon of arresting beauty and adventure. Group travel is usually not what I opt for, doing this trip with Byond was a fabulous revelation; came back with a bunch of fabulous memories and good friends!

Himani Prakash, Greece, June 2016

I traveled with Byond to Greece and I have many wonderful memories to share. The most favorite was definitely Santorini, the ferry from Athens and the volcanic cruise with hot springs. The resort in Crete, White Mountain safari and the wine tasting were good too. Overall, I felt that this trip was a great value for money and the experiences were very well planned. I have already been recommending Byond to many of my friends.

Sananda Ghoshal, Egypt, April 2016

I have always wanted to visit Egypt and see the pyramids for as long as I can remember and Byond helped me to live my dream. Before I left I was tired and overworked, and in Egypt, the pyramids, the Nile cruise, the temples, good looking locals, shopping and exploring this country with a fun group of women was exactly what I needed. It was truly a memorable experience.

Akila Quinker, Greece, June 2016

The entire experience was great, from the very get go. I traveled with a fantastic group of adventurous ladies. They were all awesome. Every day was full of special memories, and with the 'members' they became like family. The experiences were well designed to keep us together, it was perfectly planned and executed. Huge toast to the team at Byond.

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