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Women Only Trips With Byond

Over the years, we’ve seen a growing number of women travelling alone and exploring the world, in search of new experiences and journeys that are soul-enriching. As much as the question of safety (among other things) has been raised as an issue, women only trips have emerged as the possible solution for this, becoming a popular alternative for women travellers everywhere.

Women-only travel offers women, like you, an escape from the monotony and stress of work and daily chores at home. Travel, in itself, helps women unwind, relax and enjoy some ‘me time’ but making the journey in the company of other women travellers elevates it to something truly special. It helps create bonds, overcome fears and shatter inhibitions.

Byond’s Forte – Women Only Trips

At Byond Travel, we have organised journeys across 50 countries, creating opportunities for women passionate about exploring the world, to gear up and discover new destinations. Our travellers interact with the community and their art, culture, music and food, making the entire journey a one-of-a-kind experience! And in the process of joining our trips, they end up making bonds that last a lifetime, in the comfort of well-organised and safe trips.

These trips are curated according to your needs and the occasion to make sure you have a wonderful time and come back with travel moments that you’ll cherish years from now!

Looking to join a group of women who are fun, adventurous and share similar interests as you do? Check out our list of upcoming trips and choose where you’d like to travel next:

Byond Signature trips 2020

Our tours feature groups of like-minded travellers, and local experiences unique to a destination, as well as ‘me time’ to explore independently. Choose the one for you.





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Vietnam & Cambodia



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Frequently Asked Questions

Byond is a travel platform founded in 2014. We are based in Bangalore and we create highly personalized and unique travel journeys that are immersive and focus on interactions with local communities and cultures.

We organize and lead small-group journeys for like-minded travellers. Our groups range from women-only travellers to yoga, bikers to wine lovers, mom & kids and more. We also help create customized journeys for private groups.

A comprehensive list of inclusions and exclusions is mentioned above, but across all our trips, we have these in common: exclusive private transfers, breakfast on most days, luxury accommodation (4-star and above), unique experiences, handpicked local experts, gala welcome and farewell dinners and a trip leader who’s there to assist you around the clock.

No. We don't include flights and visa costs in our prices unless specified. We, however, will put you in touch with our partners who can help you.

We value the dynamics and intimacy of a small group and therefore restrict it to around 15 people. Our travellers are friendly and open-minded, and at the end of your trip, you will return with new friends, memorable experiences and incredible stories.

A vast majority of our scheduled trips are suitable for people above 18 years old only. However, we do welcome young adults and children on our private group trips.

Yes, you can customize your trips. We help organize solo journeys that are highly personalized.

Our travellers come from all over India. Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Calcutta are represented the most.

We believe the early-bird catches the best travel worm :) The early-bird discounts are valid for the first few spots on the group and are not time sensitive. Your travel designer will let you know about the number of spots available.

We have a secure payment gateway that supports payment through credit and debit cards, net-banking and Internet wallets. The payment gateway also supports payment through EMIs. If you are not comfortable with paying online, please let your travel designer know and they'll help you out with alternatives.

Your safety is our number one priority and we design our travel journeys keeping this in mind. We collaborate with tourism boards and there will always be access to emergency contacts and medical support throughout the trip.

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