Lapland and The Northern Lights

Magnificent, mysterious, mesmerising, witnessing the spectacular Northern Lights is truly like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

Join a group of like-minded travellers in the Swedish Lapland wilderness on a quest to see the world's most magnificent natural wonder in person. Every sighting of the Aurora is different, a glorious, shifting dance of light and colour that is a humbling and spiritually uplifting experience.

Plus, get ready for an Arctic adventure like nothing you’ve experienced before. You’ll stay in the famous Ice Hotel, ride in a sled pulled by a team of huskies, explore a snow-and silver-wilderness, experience traditional Sami culture, and marvel at the vast skies of the Arctic, incredible with or without the accompanying lights.

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Trip Dates: 22 Jan - 27 Jan
Availability: Yes, 2 spots left
Places Covered: Sweden
Category: Mixed Groups

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One of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights!

As Abisko National Park receives only 300mm of rainfall annually, resulting in Sweden's clearest skies, and maximise chances to see the Northern Lights. We’ll take a cable car ride to the station here. The sight is something you’ll never forget.

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Touchdown Kiruna Airport, the northernmost airport in Sweden, and your gateway to the Laplands. Our local representative will be waiting for you upon arrival to welcome you! Then, you’ll be driven to Camp Ripan, located around 145 km above the Arctic Circle, a half an hour drive from the airport. This family-run facility offers some of the best views of the Aurora when they show.

After checking-in, you’ll be free for the rest of the day to settle into your cosy cabin and unwind.

In the evening: you’ll learn the basics of capturing the beauty of the Aurora Borealis at a photography workshop, using either your camera equipment or others available — and a good thing too, as a part of this workshop, we’ll head out on our first hunt for the Northern Lights!
Wake up and enjoy a leisurely morning, as you’ll be free for the first part of the day.
Recommended activities: the Aurora Spa at the camp, which also features a sauna, foot bath, or a refreshing dip in the pool. Or you can visit the mining town of Kiruna, which has an unusual story of its own. Kiruna’s iron ore mine is making the ground collapse, so the whole town is due to be moved three kms away, to prevent it from sinking into the ground! That’s right. See this for yourself.

Lunch is on your own

This evening: our second hunt for the Northern Lights, but this time, with the Sami (the indigenous people of the northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway). The Sami used to believe that Lights were caused by the mystical Fire-Fox sweeping his tail over the lands, causing sparks to fly up into the night and creating the Aurora. With a Sami guide by your side, you’ll get a completely unique point-of-view into their world, tales beliefs, and way of life.

We’ll have dinner with the Sami, and enjoy a meal quite unlike anything you’ve had before, made from the essence of the surrounding forest and lake: cloudberries, reindeer stew, mushrooms and freshly caught fish, made from recipes handed down through generations.
After breakfast this morning, we’ll check-out and drive to the famous Ice Hotel, the world's first hotel made entirely of ice and snow. It’s a truly spectacular feat of creativity, that you’ll fully appreciate on a guided tour. The hotel has furniture, bathrooms, shimmering chandeliers, art suites, an Ice Church (where more than 100 – short – weddings are held every year), restaurant and an Ice Bar all of ice.

We’ll be spending the night here. If you’d like, you can upgrade to a Cold Room for an experience you won’t have anywhere else in the world. Imagine yourself sleeping on an ice bed covered with reindeer hides, wrapped snug in a warm thermal bag. Awaken to a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside. It’ll be a night like no other. (Please note that the upgrade is optional, and will be at an additional cost)

You’re free to spend the afternoon as you please.

In the evening, a highlight: speed through a winter wonderland on a sled driven by your very own team of huskies under the night sky, eyes gazing upwards at the sky for a glimpse of the swirling, dancing wisps of blue, green and red lights.
We’ll be driving to Bjorkliden today. This small village, located in the midst of a snow-covered wilderness and surrounded by the Lapland’s mighty mountain peaks, is the ultimate place to watch the Northern Lights.

After checking-in at the Hotel Fjallet, you’ll have some free time. You could either take it easy today with a cup of glögg – Sweden's mulled wine –in front of the fire in the lobby bar, or alternately head outside to ski down the slopes.

In the evening, we’ll make our way to Abisko National Park. It receives only 300mm of rainfall annually, resulting in Sweden's clearest skies – perfect for watching the Northern Lights. Plus, we’ll be visiting the Sky Station via a cable car ride. Here, your eyes will gradually get used to the completely dark skies and soon you will see more stars than ever before.
Drive through a world of ice and snow today as we make our way to Lake Torneträsk.

Then: gear up for snowmobiling in the King’s Trail, Sweden’s longest and most famous trail. Riding through fields and forests of powder snow and sparkling frost is scenically spectacular, and – if you’ve never been snowmobiling before – a lot of fun! (Please note that a valid driver's license is required.There will be one Snowmobile per two people and you can take turns to do the same.)

We’ll return to Bjorkliden afterwards and unwind.

In the evening: pull on your snowshoes and trek through forests and over white slopes to a Lavvu (a Sami tent, teepee-like in structure) high up on a mountain.  It’s up here, without any interference from artificial light, that the Northern Lights can be seen at their finest, and your guide will tell you all about their magic.
This is our last morning in the Swedish Laplands. You’ll be transferred from Bjorkliden to the Kiruna Airport to catch your flight home.

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